Security Assessment

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Security Evaluation

We offer an extensive suite of security evaluation services to aid our clients in discovering potential vulnerabilities and refining their protective measures. By replicating the tactics, techniques, and procedures of real-world threats, we provide an accurate and rigorous test for your security infrastructure. Additionally, given the sensitive and time-critical nature of broadcast and media systems, we ensure their availability while assessing the robustness of their defense.

Step 1

Planning & Scoping

The definition of the scope will encompass the goals, limitations, timeline, and reporting obligations of the evaluation. We prioritize establishing this scope in close collaboration with our clients, ensuring that it is tailored to their specific needs. As a part of our plan, we will meticulously strategize to avoid causing any disruption to critical media production and distribution functions.

Step 2


We will carry out the evaluation according to the established scope. This assessment includes the process of gathering information, and it may incorporate penetration testing using attacks and exploits, or it may involve automated vulnerability scanning of the systems.

Step 3

Reporting & Remediation

Every discovery will be methodically recorded in a report that prioritizes risks. This report will not only detail every finding, but will also provide suggested measures to address them. Additionally, we will assist with guidelines for implementing these remedial actions.

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